5 Must Know Tips For Choosing an Auto Body & Paint Shop

What makes a great auto body paint shop

A great auto body & paint shop has outstanding customer service, a quick turn around and an impeccable track record. They don’t tell you whatever you want to hear though - they’re honest and shoot you straight. That’s what we do at California Auto Body Tracy.

We specialize in body and paint work - and we might not be the lowest price - but we are the best at what we do. Your car is an expensive investment. In fact, it's the second biggest purchase after a house for most people. That’s why we take our work seriously and provide the best service and a lifetime warranty on everything we do.

But if you’re not in our area, how do you choose an auto paint and body shop? Keep reading for our top 5 tips.

How to Choose an Auto Shop

1. Customer Service

They must have outstanding customer service. When people are stressed and overworked, they’re likely to greet you with an attitude. And if that’s how they’re treating you, imagine how they’ll treat your car when you’re not around. When you’re evaluating a body and paint shop, pay special attention to how they greet you. Is it a warm smile or cold shoulder? If they’re warm and inviting, then you should keep going with the next tips. If it's a cold shoulder, you can still give them the benefit of the doubt but proceed cautiously.

2. Great Reviews

Does the company have outstanding reviews on Yelp! and Google? Sift through them quickly to make sure they have a number of reviews and that the overwhelming majority are positive. It’s nearly impossible to please everyone these days so have some grace but overall, the reviews should be 4-5 stars. At California Auto Body Tracy, we have 90+ 5 star reviews and there’s no faking that. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re more than satisfied every step of the way.

3. Get Several Quotes

Getting several quotes is not an excuse to go with the cheapest company. Believe me, when you go cheap, you get cheap. Then you inevitably pay more money to get the cheap work fixed. The reason you’re getting several quotes is to make sure you’re not being grossly overcharged for work on your vehicle. The last thing you want to base any decision as important as this on is price alone. Evaluate the other 4 tips and then opt for the best company overall.

4. Check Their Service Warranty

What’s the warranty on the work they perform? Is it a year? Five? Ten? Or is it a lifetime warranty. At our shop, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work. That means that for as long as you own your vehicle, the work is covered. If you’re not in our service areas, then double check the warranty before you make your decision.

5. Look Them up on BBB

Do they have a BBB rating? If so, what’s their grade? Maintaining a A+ standard with the BBB requires a business to have a proven track record in the industry. They must honestly represent themselves and their services, they have to resolve complaints expediently and keep themselves aligned with the highest standards of service. Not every company has a BBB rating, but those who go the extra mile and maintain a perfect grade are the ones that care about their reputation and therefore the service they provide you. When choosing a company, look for an A+ BBB rating.


Whether you’re in our area or not, by using these 5 tips you can quickly separate the poor auto paint and body shops from the quality shops. Once you find the ones you like, get a quote, read their reviews, check the warranty and look them up on the BBB. If everything seems to be good, then you’ve found a shop that’s very likely to serve you and your car well. And if you’re in Tracy California or anywhere in the Central Valley / Bay Area, we’re right around the corner so give us a call for a free quote!