How to Remove Stickers From Your Car - The Easy Way

Remember when your son made the honor roll? Well, so do we. You tell us every day, with that old bumper sticker. But times have changed, and now he's moved on. He's out of college and he's grown a beard. Is it time to get that old sticker off the bumper? We can help you with that.

You'll want to put together a few supplies to assist you with the cleanup job.

  • Window cleaner or white vinegar

  • Goo Gone or WD-40

  • Razor blade or old credit card

  • Blow dryer

  • A couple clean cloths

  • Auto wax

Remove Stickers Without Leaving Any Residue

What you use to remove a sticker from your car varies, depending on where the sticker's located. If it’s on glass, like the windshield, you can use a razor. But if it's stuck on the bumper, or somewhere with car paint, hold off on using that razor. Use an old credit card instead.

Let's start with removing a sticker from a car windshield. While it was easier to put the sticker on than it's going to be to remove it, it's not that difficult. It will take a little patience because you want to spray down the surface first. For the fastest results, use your window cleaner, and spray it generously. If you don't have any window cleaner, you can use white vinegar, or even really hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the sticker's adhesive.

Spray, Wait and Scrape

Alright, so now you applied your window cleaner, (or rubbing alcohol will also work), and waited 5 minutes. You're ready to start removing the sticker now. Apply a second generous coat of window cleaner, and start scraping the sticker away using a razor blade. It will start to look pretty messy as you begin working on it because the sticker will tear apart. You'll have to remove it in pieces, more than likely. But, while the task is a little tedious, it gets the job done.

** Make sure you hold the razor flat against the windshield ensuring that the sharp corners don’t scratch the glass.

Clean Up Afterward

Once you remove the sticker, be sure to clean the surface completely with your window cleaner to remove any last remnants or residue. You can also use the razor if there’s bits of sticky residue left on the window.

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker From The Rest of The Car

Now, let's focus on the rest of the car. Let's say you have a sticker on the bumper or trunk - somewhere that has a nice paint job that you would rather not mess up. But you need to get the sticker off your car. This takes different tools and a different technique.

1. First, clean the area that has the sticker.

2. Next, use a blow dryer and heat up the sticker. But here's where you want to be careful because you want to be mindful of not pointing the heat directly on the car's paint. Hold the blow dryer a few inches away from the sticker and point the airflow at an angle over the sticker. Start by warming up the adhesive for a minute or two before you start peeling the sticker off. You want to warm up the edges of the sticker last, and start scraping at the sticker's edges with your nail or an old credit card.

3. Using your credit card or nail work away at the sticker. Start at the edge and slowly work your way in until you’ve taken it off.

4. After you’ve removed the sticker, clean up the remaining residue by using a little goo gone, WD-40, or white vinegar. Apply a little car wax and polish the surface to get your car looking as good as new.

Now, what do you do if it's not that easy? Maybe it's the winter and you park your car on the street. Perhaps you can't drag a blow dryer out to where your vehicle's parked. Or you live in an apartment complex and your parking space is a block from your home. Now what?

Alternative Methods to Remove a Bumper Sticker

You can try spraying a heavy dose of Goo Gone on the sticker. They make a formula that's just for cars, so that's the one you want to use. Lots of people have success with WD-40, a bug tar remover or a tree sap remover solution as well. Spray it and let it soak into the sticker for a few minutes before you try to scrape it up.

If all else fails? Try using some boiling hot water and wet down the sticker. This may take more work because you don't have the advantage of the solvents that Goo Gone or a bug tar remover contain. Pour really hot water onto the sticker a few times in quick succession, and that will get the adhesive warm enough that you can then scrape off the sticker with a credit card.

Finish the Job and Hit the Road

Polish your car and apply a little wax and the job's complete. What if you still love stickers?

Apply an extra coat of polish onto the section where you're going to place the new sticker. The car polish should make it easier to remove the sticker next time. Or just place stickers only on the windshield in the future, because they're easier to remove from glass.

It’s pretty easy to remove stickers with the right ingredients and technique. But if you’re dealing with a particularly hard to remove sticker, and you’re worried about damaging your vehicle, give us a call and we’ll help you out.