How To Get Smoke & Cigarette Smell Out Of Your Car

The smell of cigarette smoke can remain in your vehicle for a long time making it unpleasant for you and the people riding along with you. This odor is known to penetrate into the plastic and upholstery in your vehicle, including the car seats, carpets, vents and dashboard meaning it sticks around for a while.

There are numerous ways to get rid of this scent and make your car smell better. Here is some advice on how to get the smoke smell our of your car.

Ways To Remove Smoke Smells From Car

The scent of cigarette smoke is strong and hard to take out of a car. And no one wants to smell like smoke or be in an environment where they are unable to breathe properly. Plus, the smoke is harmful to your health and generally offensive to non-smokers.

There are numerous ways to remove the scent of cigarette smoke that include sprays, filters, gels and ozone generators. There's also natural methods such as coffee beans, white vinegar and charcoal which work well. If you want to take it a step further, a steamer can be used to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke and thoroughly clear it from your car. This is a deep cleaning method that removes it from upholstery, carpet and the air conditioning system.

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Your Car With Traditional Products

Since we typically don't have much time to spend on cleaning, manufacturers have created simple solutions to remove smoke smell. They're offered in all shapes and sizes so you're bound to find one you like. Below are a few options you can use to make and keep your car fresh all year.

A car purifier is a small device that is plugged into the cigarette outlet in your car to eliminate odors all day. It destroys negative ions, neutralize containments and acts like an air freshener. A purifier is silent and does not emit a scent which is great if you're sensitive to strong smells.

Ozone generators provides you with cleaner air by transforming oxygen from the air into an electrical charge. The ozone attaches itself to smoke and obliterates it at a molecular level. Before using this device, you must clean the inside of your vehicle. When you are done, place the generator in your car and allow it to run for up to 15 minutes. Do not sit in your car during this process.

Car sprays are also used to get rid of cigarette smoke. There are several types of sprays available that were developed for the air, upholstery and leather. A regular air spray must be sprayed away from fabrics. This product eliminates odors immediately and reduces the smell of smoke. However, be choosy with the one you get because some products can mix with the smoke leaving your car smelling like a combination of smoke and flowers.

A upholstery spray can be applied to fabrics, including your carpets, car seats and hard surfaces to eradicate the unpleasant odors. They come in various scents and are safe to use in your car.

Leather car seats require a spray that is specifically formulated, so the material is not damaged. This product is typically made with a special formula and has enzymatic properties to remove smoke without damaging your leather. You should apply this product directly onto leather to clean and freshen up your car.

When you use a fogger, just remove the tab, close your car windows and allow the entire contents of the can to be dispersed. It reaches deep into upholstery, underneath your seats and penetrates air vents to eliminate smoke odors. A fogger sends a 15-minute quick blast of mist throughout your entire car at once and leaves it odor free for up to 30 days.

Odor removing gel works by neutralizing and absorbing smoke. This product comes in a portable container and evaporates within 60 days.

Solid air fresheners are easy to install and keep your vehicle free from smoky odor. Place them on your dashboard or throughout your car to keep your car fresh. These units provide you with long-lasting odor absorption and come in lavender, peppermint and linen scents.

Vent clips offers a variety of scents to deter the smell of cigarette smoke as well. You control the strength of freshness released by this product because it is attached to your car vent. The amount of air that circulates will determine how much of the scented aroma is released into your vehicle.

How To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Your Car With Home Ingredients

There are techniques that you can use to purify the air in your car that include ingredients found in your home. These methods may require a little extra work but are worth the effort. Home remedies can also be used if you're concerned with chemicals and adding toxins into the environment. Here are some ways to remove smoke odors with common ingredients found in your home:

Vinegar: Add vinegar into an empty spray bottle and use a cloth to wipe down the hard surfaces in your car. Spray the liquid onto your upholstery and allow it to dry.

Baking Soda: Take a coffee filter and place a mixture of baking soda and essential oils into it to create your own absorbing air freshener.

Coffee Grounds: Take a container of your favorite ground coffee, place it in your car and roll up the windows. This will remove the scent of cigarette smoke and leave your vehicle smelling great.

Cinnamon Sticks: Use water to boil cinnamon and place into a thermostat or traveling mug. Place a full cup into your car with the windows closed for 30-minutes to destroy smoke.

Citrus Peels: Peel some oranges, limes and lemons and put them in a pot filled with boiling water for 10-minutes. Allow the peels to cool and then place them in your car to eliminate the scent of cigarettes.

Cat Litter: Put some litter in a container and put it in your car to absorb the cigarette smoke. Cat litter also keeps your windows from fogging up which might help if you live in rainy environments.

How To Remove Smoke From Car With Eco-Friendly Products

If you don’t have the time or patience to make homemade remedies, there are eco-friendly products that you can purchase. An eco-friendly purifying spray, pouch or solid air freshener is a great way to keep your car free from cigarette smoke. These products contain oils, herbs and waxes that expel offensive odors while emitting fragrant scents into the air that aren't harmful and smell pleasant.

A pouch can be placed anywhere in your car to keep it smelling good. They are made of charcoal and bamboo and do not contain any chemicals. These pouches capture smoke and absorb the smell of cigarettes well. As a bonus, they can often be placed in the sun to kill the odors they've absorbed so they're reusable for several years.

Fill your car with vitalizing aromas from an essential oil air freshener. These sprays suck up cigarette odor without adding contaminants to the air. And they come in citrus, vanilla and eucalyptus scents just to name a few.

How To Remove Smoke With Steam Cleaning

When using a steam cleaner, there is no need to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals or substances. It deep cleans the fabric in your car and reaches into tight spaces using only super-heated water. This is an efficient way to take away offensive odors and remove debris.

Although you are using a steamer, you still want to use an odor neutralizer, vinegar and rags to assist with cleaning hard to reach places and deodorizing. Before you begin, make sure you are in a ventilated area and have your windows rolled down so the steam doesn't burn you. The seat covers, floor mats and trash should be removed. Turn on the steamer and begin cleaning the upholstery, carpet and floor mats. Work your way through the material surfaces until you've thoroughly cleaned them all.

Open your vents and turn on the air conditioning to get the air circulating. This will help get rid of the accumulated smell of smoke too. Next, spray down your dashboard and other hard surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and water. This will remove the smell of smoke from the areas that you can't steam clean which will make your entire car smell great when you're done.

The Benefits Of Removing Smoke Smell From Your Car

When you eliminate cigarette smoke from your car, you are creating a healthier environment for you an your passengers. After you put out the cigarette, third-hand smoke remains in your car and settles until removed. And even though you cannot see it, the smoke is still there and continues to release toxins and residues in the air.

So, you must remove the smoke from your car on a regular basis. Third-hand smoke stays on your car seats, steering wheel, carpets and door handles especially. Once people touch these areas, they are exposed to the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes which are then absorbed through the skin. Fortunately, there are simple steps that you can take to remove cigarette smoke from your car every day. Here are some things you can do:

• Take out, empty and clean your ashtray after you smoke. • Clean your steering wheel, dashboard, cup holders and center console daily. • Vacuum the carpets, mats and floor or your car frequently. • Put dryer sheets under your car seats and floor mats to keep away smoke odors. • Keep your windows open and allow fresh air to move around and withdraw smoke.

A car with a fresh scent and free from cigarette smoke is good for your health, can improve your mood and reduce the effects of third-hand smoke. In my opinion, the home remedies work best for removing smoke and they're the best for you.

Cinnamon and coffee are both aromatic scents and I love having my car smell like them. I encourage you to try the mentioned methods and leave a comment below if you have any questions.