Five Things to Look for After A Rear-End Auto Collision including Hidden Damage

Hidden Damage to Your Car After A Rear-End Auto Collision

One of the most common accidents is a rear end collision. These occur due to a driver to maintaining proper control of their vehicle or not maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles. When the front driver slows or stops, the vehicle behind them hits the rear of the car.

These accidents are often minor and cause little apparent damage to the vehicle in front. For most drivers in the front vehicle, they may need to replace their bumper or have a scrape or dent buffed out. In many cases, these accidents cause small damage with very little cost to repair, or so it appears that way.

Unfortunately, many of these so-called minor accidents can have damages that go unnoticed by the driver and even the repair company. Some of these damages may not be apparent right away but can cause serious issues shortly after the accident.

Rear End Hidden Damage

1. Hidden Damage

In a rear end accident, it may appear that there is little or no rear end auto damage. Unfortunately, many vehicles have plastic bumpers. These bumpers do not provide much protection for the vehicle. This could cause serious damage to the structure of the vehicle and may not be easily noticeable.

A rear end accident could cause damage to the frame of the vehicle. When the frame is bent or otherwise damaged, it can be hard to diagnose without taking the vehicle to a proper auto body shop. If the person doing the repair is not a certified collision expert, they may miss this damage.

Damage to the frame of a vehicle can cause a lot of serious issues with the vehicle. It can throw off the alignment of the vehicle and make it impossible to correct. It can also create problems with the tires ability to maintain traction during driving. This can pose issues with maintaining proper control of the vehicle.

The frame can also cause issues with the doors and other body parts of the vehicle. The doors may not close properly or have gaps between them and the frame. Other body parts may seem to not line up as well as they previously did.

Even if the bent frame does not pose immediate issues, it can create problems down the road. A bent frame can put more stress on the suspension system of the vehicle. This can cause the struts, shocks, and other suspension parts to wear out more often.

Another major problem of a bent frame is that it compromises the overall safety of the vehicle. The vehicle is designed to handle various impacts and accidents. The frame plays a major role in providing this safety for those inside the vehicle. If the frame is damaged, the vehicle may not be able to hold up as well in the next accident.

2. Alignment Issues

Alignment issues are a common problem from any type of accident. Rear end collisions can cause damage to the various structures that help to maintain the proper alignment of the vehicle. This can create serious issues with the way the vehicle drives.

Alignment issues can cause a vehicle to feel as though it is pulling to one side or the other. It can also feel as though the tires aren't grabbing the road as they once did. This can pose serious risks in rain or icy condition. Improper alignment can also cause the steering wheel to shake or wobbly. If any of these signs are noticed, the vehicle should be inspected.

Delaying the repairs and maintenance needed to correct this problem could pose further issues and risks with the vehicle. An improperly aligned vehicle can be harder to maneuver or prevent an accident. It can also cause tires to wear unevenly or more frequently. It can also put undue stress on the suspension. This can cause the suspension parts to wear out faster than normal.

3. Trunk Damage

Although the trunk may seem to be in good working order after a rear end collision, there may still be damage that is unseen. The trunk has many small mechanisms that help it to stay closed and open easily. An accident, even a minor one, can do damage to those mechanisms.

This can cause the lid to pop open unexpectantly, even while driving. This can pose risks of distraction while driving. It can even create issues of personal items being lost out of the trunk. These latch issues can also make it difficult to open the trunk when it is needed.

Another issue that can occur with the trunk is that trunk door may not line up properly any more. This can make it hard to open or close the door properly. It can also create gaps that can allow water to seep into the trunk. This can cause damage to belongings and create a risk of rust and other damage to the inside of the trunk.

4. Transmission Issues

A rear end collision can also pose risks of damage to the transmission system and other mechanical aspects of the vehicle. These issues can often go unnoticed until serious problems arise. This can create more costs and damage to the vehicle.

For many vehicles that are rear wheel or all wheel drive, there are various components of the transmission system in the rear of the vehicle. An accident, even a minor one, can cause impact, damage, or even shifting of these components. This damage can cause fluids to leak or even put further stress on the transmission of the vehicle.

Rear end auto damage can also create problems for the exhaust system. The tail pipe is often in the back of the vehicle. When another vehicle hits it from behind, the impact can push the tail pipe forward. This, in turn, pushes the rest of the exhaust system forward. This can cause damage to the catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold, and various other parts of this system.

5. Electrical Issues

These types of accidents can cause problems with the electrical system of the vehicle, with or without other rear end auto damage. This impact can cause wires to come loose. Even if no problems are seen immediately after the accident, regular driving can separate them or even cause failures in some systems.

Brake and tail lights could fail or malfunction. This can create dangerous situations on the road. Other drivers may not be able to see the vehicle stopping or slowing. It can even be impossible for another driver to see the vehicle in poor visibility conditions, such as night or rain.

The loose wires can also make it difficult for other electrical features to work properly, such as the speakers in the vehicle. It can even put a strain on the battery and could potentially cause a dead battery at very inconvenient times.

These hidden damages are a very common problem for drivers who have been involved in a rear end collision. Often, the insurance adjusters or even the initial mechanic may not find all the rear end auto damage of the vehicle. This can pose serious risks and further damage down the road.


It is very important that the vehicle be taken to an auto body shop that employs a certified collision expert. Even minor accidents that have little or no apparent damage may have hidden damages lurking beneath the surface. A certified professional can find these hidden problems easier and prevent future issues.

When these types of problems are missed by the first mechanic or the insurance adjuster, the insurance company will only pay for the apparent damage. If further damage is found later, the insurance company may not cover these repairs. However, if the vehicle is taken to a certified collision auto body shop from the beginning, they can be ensured that all the damage is addressed from the start.