Best Car Trim Restorer & How To Make Your Trim Like New

Everyone wants a shiny car and when it no longer glows people notice. That's when a plastic trim restorer comes into play. When the vinyl, plastic and rubber components of your car begin to look worn, choosing the best car trim restorer makes all the difference.

All you need to do is apply a small amount directly to the trim and your car will look new again. These products are made of unique substances and are safe for the inner and outer surfaces of your vehicle. And I really appreciated this product when my bumpers were dusty and worn down.

1. CarGuys Plastic Restorer

CarGuys premium plastic restorer is made of a patented formula without harsh chemicals. This restorer will last for up to several months once applied properly. And it provides shine and eliminates fading in the interior and exterior surfaces of your car, there's no oily mess left when you use this product and it doesn't include any silicone or petroleum.

This is a great choice to make your louvers, fenders and bumpers shine without ruining towels, The ingredients are environmentally friendly and it does not contain any dye. Just add the product to your trim, rub it in, buff and watch it sparkle.


  • Safe for use on vinyl, plastic and rubber

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials

  • Does not come off when it rains or gets wet

  • Not oily or greasy


  • Trim tends to lose luster after just a few months

2. TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer

TriNova has developed a cleaning product that shines and darkens worn out plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. It protects your car from rain, salt and dirt and prevents fading caused by nature’s elements. However, this is more of a cleaner than a restorative product.

When you use this product, you will revitalize your car’s shine and shield it from dirt and dust. The ingredients protect your car from aging, cracking and keeps your trim looking new for a while. Since TriNova cleaner does not contain black dye, it will not leave streaks on your car or residue after washing.

Once you apply this protective formula to your car with the applicator pad, wipe the surface and the trim is cleaned. An 8-ounce bottle is 7.8 x 3.6 x 2.7 inches in size, weighs 9.6 ounces and comes with a warranty.


  • Makes black trim darker and shinier

  • The smell is not harsh

  • Does not contain dye


  • Expensive

  • Does not last long

3. Mothers 06112 Back-to-Black Plastic and Trim Restorer

With Mothers’ Back to Black trim restorer, your car is protected against damage caused by the sun, smog, water and chemicals. This cleaner prevents ozone and airborne containments from harming your vehicle too.

When you use this product, it cleans and shields your car’s exterior trim and brings back faded colors while protecting from dirt and dust. Use Mother’s Back-to-Black to remove debris from opaque and urethane and to restore sunburned molecular bonds on your vehicle.

If your molding, bumpers, door handles, vents and seals are fading this product will revitalize and make them shine again. A 12-fluid ounce bottle weighs 13.8-ounces and has 3.6 x 7 x 1.9 dimensions. The cleaner should be applied with a terry cloth, or a sponge and massaged into car trim.


  • The restorative look lasts a long time

  • Removes dried wax and shines a dull finish

  • Works well on plastic trim around windows, rear bumper and running boards

  • Darkens black trim


  • The product can require multiple applications to fully bring out the black trim color

  • Can leave black streaks on plastic after heavy rain if not applied correctly

4. Chemical Guys TVD_108_16 Tire and Trim Gel

The Chemical Guys tire and trim gel provides your car with long-lasting restorative results. It protects rubber and plastic trim from rain, snow, sun damage and renews faded tires, bumpers and rubber seals.

Water-proof your car with Chemical Guys and give it a glossy finish that makes your trim shine. This product has a "hydrating" formula that helps your trim and tires stay supple and dark without streaking. And since its a gel, it doesn't drip and repels water and detergents.

When you apply Chemical Guys gel to your vehicle, your bumper door trim, mirrors and windshield cowls are safeguarded from fading and discoloration. It also fixes cracks on plastic, rubber and vinyl. The gel is thick and can be applied with a clean cloth to fenders, rocker panels and louvers.


  • The shine lasts for several weeks

  • The application process is easy and dries quick

  • Makes black trim shine


  • The gel is sticky and greasy

  • Some people have experienced the product running but its uncommon if applied correctly

How To Choose a Car Trim Restorer

A car trim restorer must improve the appearance of your car’s trim and tires. It should eliminate fading and protect your exterior trim for the effects of nature’s elements. The sun, rain, sleet and snow can wreak havoc on a car and cause the rubber to peel and crack which is exactly why we all need a restorative product.

The right product shields bumpers, door handles, windshield cowlings and vents. It should also restore luster to molding, wheels and engine compartment hoses. A cleaner made with a streak-free formula without a sticky finish is the best choice for car owners.

Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting the best car trim restorer:

Protection: Does the restorer protect your car against UV rays, heavy rain, dust and road grime? Your choice should depend on how well the car’s trim is shielded against moisture and debris. Ingredients: A restorer should not contain harsh chemicals or have a strong, unpleasant odor. There are products made with non-toxic substances that you shouldn't need a gas mask to apply.

Consistency: There are plastic vinyl restorers made of wax, oil and silicone. Each substance delivers a unique finish, so choose one that's easy to use and delivers the results you want.

Longevity: Since some gel plastic and vinyl restorer can leave streaks or stains after it rains, select a dye-free product. The black dye can cause trim to turn gray and lose luster when exposed to moisture. If there's no dye, there should not be any streaks if the product does happen to run.

What are the benefits of using a trim restorer?

If the plastic and rubber trim on your car is beginning to look dull, a trim restorer can liven up its appearance. They turn faded bumpers black, fix cracks and deliver a wet glossy finish to trim. Once you apply this product, you see results immediately that can last for weeks or even months at a time.

Here's a few more reasons to use trim restorers:

  • Provides shine to the interior and exterior trim

  • Penetrates trim keeps it moist and prevent cracking

  • Made of formulas specifically developed to repair black porous material

  • Results can last up to several months

  • Can be used on hard, soft and pure rubber trim

  • Smooths out lower rocker panel trim pieces, roof racks and sun-roof molding

  • Not difficult to apply and adds shine to your vehicle

What are the differences between car trim restorers?

Although most trim restorers provide your car with similar results, they each have their own qualities. The ingredients, application and protection coverage all contribute to the effectiveness of each product. Some contain a dye that can begin to streak when wet and others remain flawless.

A foam-based plastic restorer is safe for use on rubber and vinyl and adds shine to your interior and exterior trim. This type of product is typically environmentally friendly and is not made with harmful chemicals such as petroleum and silicone.

Gels are usually streak free and go on smoothly with a soft sponge or cloth and they don't leave a residue or stain your car when it gets wet. It is used to shine and darken the outer surfaces of your car, including bumpers and wheels.

There are also aerosol restores available to protect your car’s plastic and vinyl. Even though they are easy to use, they typically don't provide a lasting effect or supply adequate lubrication to trim. On the other hand, dye-based products darken the exposed parts of your car and deliver heavy-duty protection against harsh weather conditions, dirt and debris

What's the best way to use a car trim restorer?

Before you use a car trim restorer, you must clean your car with soap and water. You can also use rubbing alcohol mixed with water and apply it directly to the area that you want to clean if its extra dirty. Once you have cleaned your vehicle, make sure you dry it with a towel that doesn't leave debris.

Apply the trim restorer to a sponge or terry cloth and gently rub it into the part of your car that needs it. Continue this process until you cover the necessary trim surfaces. When you are done, your trim should look wet and dark black.

In my opinion, Mother’s Back to Back trim restorer provides the best coverage to your car. It's made of substances that protect the outer surfaces of your car and keep it shiny for longer while remaining durable.

When it rains, this restorer doesn't run off or allow the plastic to fade for weeks and months at a time (depending on the climate you live in).


These are just a few of the available trim restorers available for purchase so feel free to look around and try different things until you find something you love. Just remember to opt for one that brings out your car trims natural oils rather than dying the trim since dye's can run and streak easier. Additionally, always wear gloves when applying chemicals and car trim restorers and avoid breathing in any harsh chemicals.

If you have a trim restorer you prefer or have questions for us, leave a comment below.